Notes From The Awareness: 254

Belief can be a form of self-entrapment.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all hold firm ideas about existence, whether they are religious or spiritual beliefs, political or social convictions, certainties about how life tends to work, or concrete conceptions around who we are and how we work. Some of these beliefs may be conscious and some may operate below the surface in our inner self, devoid of our own mental recognition.

Our beliefs, conscious or not, generate our thoughts, which in turn affect the quantum field to help create the fabric of our lives. Belief also forms the basis for our personal, individual platform of perception. What we think and believe dictates how we perceive reality, or what is.

The more fixedly we hold a belief, the more it influences how we experience life. Fear or opposition can increase how dogmatically we believe something, strengthening its hold on us. Beliefs in which we have a considerable emotional investment will limit our ability to change our point of view, and they may keep us stuck in a particular mode of experience.

Today’s message advises me to question my beliefs more. When I have an unwavering opinion about something, I may wish to ask myself why. If I allow a portion of my consciousness to act as an observer of self, I may gain insight into how my beliefs and opinions circumscribe my experience. To change aspects of my life and the larger world around me, I may need to be willing to believe differently.

How about you? How might your beliefs be holding you back?