Notes From The Awareness: 228

Divine interconnection and healthy boundaries do not conflict.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Divine interconnection is a lovely truth—everything that is houses a splinter of divinity and is conjoined in loving consciousness. The harmony, unity, and support this implies are astounding. In this reality, all are equal, all are worthy and perfect, everything we need is readily available to us. If this is divine truth, how is it that we have social inequality, the political divide, and folks hoarding toilet paper? How can we make this more consistent in our personal experience?

In third dimensional existence, the prevailing mindset is separation consciousness. We tend to believe that we and all of creation are essentially incomplete, broken and separate from the divine and everyone and everything else. This underlying belief leads us to be fearful and mistrustful, experiencing life as lonely and possibly dangerous. We project separation consciousness out into the world, attracting to us situations which will reinforce our belief in the flawed nature of existence.

When we and others operate from separation consciousness, we can perceptually distort the free flow of divine loving consciousness. What we then experience seems less than inspired, imperfect and unsatisfying. In order to avoid this type of scenario, we can reaffirm our essential worth and value, our role as divine co-creators. We can establish energetic guidelines within ourselves for how we wish to experience life. Sometimes, we will only need to project this intention outward into our interactions. Other times, we may elect to communicate these personal ground rules directly. This often is thought of as establishing healthy boundaries, but is perhaps more accurately termed as consciously setting the tone for our social congress. We choose how we wish to experience involvement with others.

Today’s message reminds me that I have the free will to determine how I interface with others. If I am not satisfied with my personal interactions, it’s time for me to examine the relationship template I project. When I emanate the vibe of healthy divine interconnection, followed up with kind and direct communication at my discretion, I will find my dealings with others to be more satisfying and affirming of our essential divine interconnection. I must respect my own divine nature for others to follow suit.

How about you? How do you establish healthy boundaries?