Notes From The Awareness: 219

Awareness implies receptivity.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us would like to believe we’re aware sorts of people, that we’re conceptually connected with more than just our own thoughts, needs, and wants. We see ourselves as sensitive to others, compassionate and caring, tuned in to life.

Yet many of us struggle with understanding or discussing with folks whose beliefs diverge widely from our own. We may even judge them as being ignorant, not so nice, devious, or uncaring. After all, if there were good, intelligent people, wouldn’t they think and believe as we do?

To be intellectually or spiritually awake, aware of the greater picture and larger possibilities, we need to go beyond our own limited viewpoint, to accept input from other sources. We must be willing to entertain other possibilities, other ideas and beliefs, and new ways of perception. When we can release fixed conviction in the absolute rightness of our worldview, we expand our capability to understand beyond it.

Today’s message asks me to stop clinging to certainty if I want to be more aware. Willingness to question my own beliefs will allow me to release self-created barriers to greater understanding. Hard-held opinions and ideas generate a prison rather than than security. My safety lies in flexibility and being more receptive and open.

How about you? How do you expand your personal awareness?