Notes From The Awareness: 208

We tend to pursue personal ties that make us feel comfortable.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all like to be around friend with whom we feel relaxed. They may be easy-going, sympathetic, amusing, nurturing, or simply tend to agree with us. Their companionship is uncomplicated and presents no challenges. We can sink into simply being with them and unwind.

This type of stress-free friendship is invaluable. We feel we can be fully ourselves and find acceptance. We’re part of a community—even if there are only two of us—where we are safe and need do nothing to prove ourselves. The experience feeds us on an emotional level and buffers the stress of everyday life.

Todays message calls me to review the nature of my friendships. It is important for me to cherish and value friends who nurture me, the ones with whom I feel naturally simpatico. I also need to recognize the need for connections who challenge and inspire me. They will push me to expand my understanding and activate my willingness to explore new things. Both types of friendship are vital to my well being. The individual who provides both aspects of interaction is a priceless gift to me.

How about you? What do you value in your friends?