Notes From The Awareness: 196

Present-day concerns are all we can address today.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. 2020 has been a worrisome year—COVID spread, deaths, and lingering symptoms; climate change; economic and jobs uncertainty; political dissension; society injustice. There is no shortage of high-impact concerns, and yet we have to figure out how to navigate life day by day. How do we address both our anxiety about larger issues and the demands of daily existence?

Although perhaps not easy to enact, the answer is simple: we do what we can do today. The big-ticket problems won’t be solved by us alone and certainly not in a day. But for each of us, for each large issue, there are some small actions easily taken regularly. We can follow recommended COVID precautions, knowing they help contribute to our species’ overall health. We can reduce optional resource consumption, particularly of anything involving fossil fuels. We can use our financial resources wisely and help others as we are able. We can follow our personal political convictions and avoid engaging in ineffective, polarized discourse. We can follow the golden rule, treating others with kindness and respect. All we need to do is handle each day that which needs to be dealt with that day, act with integrity to our principles and consideration for others, and not worry.

Today’s message reminds me to live in the moment. Focusing on what I can practically handle today will help keep me effective and reduce stress. If I am not worried, all my energy is available for positive undertakings, including being kind, respectful, and socially responsible in my own small but significant ways. Living for the day makes me saner, nicer, and happier.

How about you? How do you relate to day-to-day and larger, ongoing concerns?