Notes From The Awareness: 196

Powerful emotions are keys to understanding our limitations.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’ve all had waves of emotion overpower us, often obscuring the present moment in a sea of feeling. They may seem positive—a warm rush of love for someone close—but often they seem negative—a paralyzing onset of fear evoked by a situation. Whatever the feeling, in that space of emotional overwhelm we are incapable of conscious choice.

Emotions are good, healthy, normal. We want to feel them and let them flow. Stuffing them can lead to internal wounds, scars, blockages. In fact, rushes of intense difficult emotions can often signal that what we’re experiencing right now is being perceived as a replay of previously repressed emotions. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel things as they occur, we are likely to revisit them in the future in unexpected ways.

Today’s message reminds me to view bursts of troubling emotions as opportunities to heal. They are signposts that now and/or in the past I have had resistance to something painful. The resistance, the lack of emotional processing, causes the backup of feelings leading to my intense emotional outbreak. When I am willing to feel all the emotions now and let them flow through me, I free myself from their grip and regain the power to make conscious choices. I release personal limits by allowing myself to feel.

How about you? What is the relationship between your emotions and your limitations?