Notes From The Awareness: 177

What repels us reveals us.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Somethings/situations/people we like, some we’re meh about, some we dislike, and others get under our skin in a creepy way. We may not be aware of why some things revolt us, but they certainly do. The texture and taste of pistachio pudding, the smell of unwashed bodies, the concept of abuse, the sound of someone chewing loudly or with mouth open, insect infestations—these are some of our potential bugaboos. What disgusts us may vary, but we all are repulsed by certain things.

Why some things repel us may be obvious: for instance, an insect infestation could pose a health concern and be expensive or hard work to handle. But there can also be a deeper message in what revolts us. The current-day detestation may also evoke emotions similar to those we’ve experienced in the past, or it may point to unrecognized or unwanted parts of our makeup.

Today’s message tells me to heed what disgusts me. It can be the signpost of an opportunity for personal growth. A little pondering may reveal things I may wish to heal or change My life is full of message that come to me in interesting ways.

How about you? What repels you and why?