Notes From The Awareness: 170

Personal preferences result in limits.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have things we like and don’t like. We favor some seasons of the year over others, enjoy certain flavors of ice cream, have favorite music genres, prefer certain leisure activities. In this choosing, we discriminate for things that please us.

There’s nothing wrong at all with going for what makes us happy. Life is to be savored and it only makes sense to promote our pleasure. We honor creation when we find joy in it.

In our pursuit of enjoyment, however, we can be come predictable and fall into a rut. If we only do or choose what we know we’ve enjoyed in the past, we miss out on the opportunity to discover new joys. Our habitual preferences become barriers to fresh experiences.

Today’s message reminds me to try something out of my usual routine. In being willing to experience something new, I may find I like it or hate it. But I will have broken down a self-imposed barrier, making it easier to explore things outside my established preferences. It’s time to do something unexpected.

How about you? How do you challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone?