Notes From The Awareness: 169

Our minds don’t know what we need; our souls do.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. 2020 has been a year of change, requiring of us new paths and ways of being, new choices. The level of change and number of decisions can be overwhelming. We can weigh pros and cons and still have difficulty selecting the right option. How can we possibly know what is best for us?

Our physical minds help us make decisions based on facts at hand, reasoning out a conclusion, and our past perceptions and experience. The pool of information available to our physical minds is circumscribed. We can seek advice from trusted individuals, but the same limitations apply. The data available is still finite.

The only way we can broaden our perspective to include all the resources of creation is to listen to our souls. Our spiritual nature, our connection to the divine, has access to all the possibilities of the quantum field. It is linked to information and probabilities not accessible to our physical minds.

How do we access our souls’ input? We already receive clues through intuition, a sense of knowing, gut feelings, things we know in our hearts. Through the power of serendipity, we also may be given breadcrumbs to follow: an overheard conversation, random song lyrics, a post or tweet coming across our social media feed. Awareness and openness will help us register these signs.

We can also actively engage with the divine in whatever way feels natural to us. Prayer, meditation, channeling, automatic writing, divination, journeying—all are possible means to reach this deeper spiritual connection. It’s important to hold our benevolent intent clearly and trust whatever input we receive. If we feel the need for criteria to evaluate the rightness of this input, we can ask ourselves the following. Is it loving? Is it kind? Is it helpful? Divine messages always arise from loving consciousness.

Today’s message reminds me to keep in ongoing dialogue with my soul. My soul has the big picture view and holds my best interests. It represents my inborn guidance system and a direct connection to the divine. My soul knows!

How about you? How do you actively engage with your soul?