Notes From The Unknown: Day 97

Cause and effect are not as important as current actions.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Events of 2020 have blindsided many of us. COVID-19 seemingly mushroomed out of nowhere. Racial injustice and associated tensions hit a boiling point. The political divide is now undeniable, and the fragile nature of our economy and unpreparedness of our health care system to handle an ongoing pandemic are increasingly apparent.

The natural response to all these issues seems to be to ask “Why?” “How did we let this happen?” While the answers to these questions may help us avoid similar pitfalls in the future, they won’t fix the problems facing us right now. As a nation, we need to triage the issues and come up with short-term and potential long-term solutions. Then we can have a retrospective to identify causes and future preventative measures. Right now we need to do something.

Today’s message reminds me not to get lost in analysis of issues personally facing me. It is more important for me to generate momentum by taking actions. I can tweak my progress as I go along, shifting my energy and attention as needed. For now I simply need to act so I don’t get bogged down sifting through details, motivations, and causes. Forward!

How about you? How do you keep yourself moving?