Notes from the furlough: day 65

What do you talk about the most? This is what you value.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. 2020 has been a dramatic year so far. Current events have given us plenty of discussion topics—COVID-19, politics, social injustice and unrest, the economy. It’s easy to share opinions, posts, memes, and tweets, especially if they support our views. It takes a bit more effort to express our personal opinions on these topics, but this is only regarding issues consensus has deemed important. What we say about ourselves and our personal lives is much more revealing of what we value in everyday existence.

Today’s message reminds me to pay attention to what I express. This self review may reveal my beliefs and priorities with greater clarity. While it is no surprise to me, or to anyone that knows me at all, that cats are a favored topic, I might not be as aware of other frequent discussion items. It’s time to listen closely to myself, to gain insight on my values and motivations.

How about you? Other than current events and the weather, what do you often discuss?