Notes From The Furlough: Day 43

Expect the unexpected; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. For most of us, the year 2020 has seemed like on huge surprise, courtesy of COVID-19. The upheaval caused by the virus wasn’t anything we might have imagined, except for a few fiction authors and epidemiologists. They rhythm of our days and nature of our existence has shifted. For many of us, dealing with the virus and effects is our major focus.

Today’s message reminds me that this larger concern can obscure my recognition of smaller-scale, wonderful occurrences. A surprise phone call or letter with happy news, a bill that is smaller than anticipated, the arrival of colorful migratory spring birds—all are examples of the minor miracles life is regularly delivering. It’s important for me to celebrate and be grateful for these happy little occurrences. Strung together, they make up the fabric of a good and satisfying life. Bring on the small blessings!

How about you? What unexpected minor miracle has graced your life?