Notes From the Furlough: Day 14

Pow wows are helpful to the human spirit. Go inside to do this.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life.

I’ll start us out. Like most of us, I’m short on human interaction in these days of social distancing. There is something heart-warming about sharing intimate conversation in person and learning more about someone on a deeper level. I miss that. I’m reminded that I have—as we all do—a diverse cast of characters inside me in the various aspects of my personality. (Do an internet search on C.J. Jung and the twelve archetypes, if you’re curious.) Performing progressive relaxation exercises and then holding an internal group discussion with all my parts is one way I’ve learned to know myself better. When all aspects of me can express and are in alignment on a goal or direction, it’s easier to progress. Now is a splendid time for me to renew this practice.

Now about you? What parts of yourself might you learn to know better, and how might this help you in your current situation?