Notes From the Furlough: Day 13

Outer light illuminates the physical. Inner light illuminates the spiritual.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. I’ve been thinking about lighting this morning. Nate Hall and I are in the process of re-paneling our stairway, and the first landing is dark. It could use some light to prevent tripping and possible falls. There’s no outlet, so I’m looking at battery powered sconces. How does this outer reality reflect my inner life? Well, I’m at a plateau while furloughed, waiting to hopefully be called back to work. My job and finances are stalled. If I want to avoid the pitfalls of furlough—lethargy, depression, dark or negative thoughts—I need to see things in a spiritual way. I need to kindle my inner light. This light is powered by my inner, intrinsic connection in the divine, and isn’t sourced outside me. A spiritually-illuminated perspective on where I am in life will help me avoid mental and emotional trips and falls.

How about you? What aspect of your life could benefit from spiritual illumination:?