Notes From the FurLough: Day 12

Trying to do something isn’t as effective as doing it.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. With much more unstructured time, I’m doing things that I wouldn’t have previously. I’ve tackled postponed chores, renegotiated my internet plan, and switched to digital-only newspaper access. I’ve also started this daily blog. I’m supposed to be furloughed from work until July. Sometimes that feels like a lot of blogs to write and I think to myself, “I’ll try.” It gives me an out if I lapse. Today’s message is a reminder that success is linked to commitment. The best results occur when we’re all in the game. Today is a good day to put in the work. A series of days in which I make the effort, however small, leads to consistent results.

How about you? What project of yours could benefit from your commitment, and how might this change your life?