notes from the furlough: day 9

Partial success is total success, just at a younger age.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Events surround COVID-19 have changed the rhythm of my days and disrupted my finances. I’m trying to steer a new course without knowing the precise destination. I can tell some things are working well. Lots of yardwork = fresh-air exercise = improved health. Boundless free time has allowed me to tackle projects I’d been postponing as too time-consuming. My corona staycation has afforded extra attention to important relationships at home. But are the changes going to lead me to Kalamazoo or Poughkeepsie? I just don’t know. I am reminded just now that a large victory is built of many small wins. So I am celebrating my small successes today, knowing they will mature into a larger overall goodness.

How about you? What partial successes are ripening in your life?