Notes From the Furlough: Day 8

Being in charge creates limitations. So does doing nothing.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Some days I struggle to find the sweet spot between doing nothing and trying to control everything. Inertia and passivity can be soul-draining and ineffective. Micromanagement can be exhausting and counter-productive. The balance between when to initiate and when to allow can feel elusive. Suddenly having so much free time now, the dynamic tension between the two is more poignant for me. The problem is that I forget I don’t have to do everything on my own. If I set an intent and follow through by initiating action, the energy of the Universe will support and promote my endeavor. I just need to get started and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Gratitude for small results will reinforce momentum. Allowing the power of serendipity to assist will afford unexpected gains. See Chapter 5 of my book “The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human.

How about you? How are you handling the balance between allowing and initiating, and what unanticipated gifts have resulted?