Divine You-niversity

Allowing the divine to educate you is as simple as being willing to enjoy whatever happens, while watching for clues.


Most of us would love to have divine input. There are things we want to know, situations we wish to understand, and ways in which we wish to change and grow. However, often we don’t appreciate the ways in which life educates us. We may find life lessons hard and feel challenged when events push us outside of our known comfort zone.

We may even ask for divine assistance in learning or achieving something, and then not recognize or enjoy the circumstances designed to give us what we asked for. Some years ago my partner and I asked Spirit to help us learn to detach a bit from material things. Shortly after, we adopted a cat who sprayed in response to stress. It’s much easier to let go of something that smells of urine! Once we understood we had gotten exactly what we requested, we were able to appreciate the irony of the situation and the spraying incidence subsided considerably.

This is the tricky bit—when we resist something, we’re unable to learn from it. As long as we were annoyed and frustrated by household items reeking of urine, we were focused on our negative reaction to the situation and couldn’t get the lesson. Our insistence on what we thought should be prevented us from seeing what could be.

Relaxing into the circumstances of the moment frees us to be attentive to our experience. When we are open-minded, it’s much easier to recognize the myriad personally targeted messages our sharing within—the divine within us—generates for our benefit. When my partner and I realized our anger stressed the cat further, leading to additional spraying, we moderated our emotions so he would mark less. When we calmed ourselves our minds were clearer, allowing us to realize that we had acquired a divine feline teacher in response to our request. The universe—aka the sharing—does have a splendid sense of humor.

When we recognize the gift and the message in any experience, it loses its potential sting. Life may then offer us something new and different to continue our expansion. Or it may gift us with more of the same. Either way, we’ve learned to enjoy whatever comes. While my partner and I still don’t like our belongings anointed with eau de chat, we do adore and love the cat and have come to appreciate his patience and persistence in educating us. He still sprays occasionally, but we’ve learned to recognize it as a form of communication.

Let’s put this concept into practice. Looking within to the home of the divine inside, we will connect with it consciously. We’ll slow and regularize our breath as we picture our sharing within as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest. Inhalation feeds the light and exhalation distributes it throughout us and our surroundings. We will continue until we feel calm, centered, and peaceful—the sign we’ve made our desired connection.

We’ll think of a current challenging situation, one that has us emotionally off balance. We’ll breathe golden light from our sharing within into the situation, and wait. As we breathe in and out, our emotions will dissipate, allowing us to see the scenario more clearly.

We will ask our sharing within to help us recognize the gift and the message in the situation and will offer gratitude in advance for both. Again, we will breathe golden light in and out, and wait. In the emptiness of waiting, a realization will suddenly arise. We will understand clearly why we are having the experience. We will appreciate the benefit inherent in the scenario, as well as the humor, and we will laugh aloud in happiness.

This is the great gift of life—we are always given what we ask for, just not always in the way we might prefer. Yet what we receive is infinitely grander and more expansive than anything we might imagine.

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what stunningly surprising gift has life given you?