Dream, dream, dream

Constructive use of dreaming is the first step in becoming aware of the waking dream. The waking dream is nothing other than the flow of love/consciousness/existence, untrammeled by objectification.


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We all dream at night. Sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we don’t. But we all dream. Dreams are messages from ourselves to ourselves, without the usual filters—beliefs about what is or isn’t nice, good, or right; limitations of physical existence; ideas we hold about what is or isn’t possible.

When we dream, we get real. We get real in the sense of being honest with ourselves about how we feel. We also get real, in an expanded spiritual sense, by losing the perceived limitations of third-dimensional physical life. Dreams are about what is, not what we believe should be or what we believe to be real.

Our dreams are imbued with incredible significance. They give us insight into our true feelings and desires, and they also offer us a glimpse of life from outside our usually limited mental perceptions. The information dreams provide can help us understand our motivations and actions more clearly.

Dreams also allow us a playground in which we can interact without the constraints of physical objects, space, and time. They allow us a glimpse of existence in higher dimensions. We can experience without cause/effect, limitations, or judgment, and we have a chance to operate in a way which reflects our nature as divine co-creators in shared existence. Dreams bring us closer to realization of divine reality.

Recording and interpreting our dreams can give us clues about how to be happier and more aligned—both to our inner self and to the cosmic whole. Dreams may even be precognitive, signaling what is to come. Mining our dreams for meaning and connection is passive exploration of the dream state.

We also can explore our dream state actively. Consciously directed, dreams can help us process difficult emotions or explore solutions for troublesome problems. With mindful intent, dreams can become tools of healing and expansion. Dreams offer an alternative lens of perception, which we can direct, at will, to gain enhanced experience and discernment.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with our inner divinity—our sharing within—in the waking state, to learn more about how to leverage our dreams. We’ll start by allowing our breath to become slow, even, and regular, letting everyday tensions and concerns drop away from our focus.

We will visualize our sharing within as a sphere of golden light in the center of our chest. Every inhalation feeds the sphere and makes is glow brightly. Every exhalation distributes the golden light throughout us and our surroundings. We’ll continue breathing rhythmically and picturing the golden light in our center, until we feel calm, clear, and steady—the signal of conscious connection with our inner divinity.

We will remember one dream from the previous night, a dream that upset or puzzled us. Perhaps we were swimming in a tank of sharks and laughing hysterically. Perhaps we attempted to open a door over and over, without success. Perhaps we encountered a loved one who has passed over. If we cannot remember a dream from last night, we’ll place a notebook beside our bed and make notes of this evening’s dreams, for use with this exercise tomorrow.

Once we’ve identified a dream, we’ll breath golden heart light into it and relive it as fully as possible, immersing ourselves in the emotions it evoked and noting any events, characters, and objects that seem puzzling. We’ll own any emotions—regardless of how uncomfortable—and accept that these are our inner feelings, uninhibited by how we think we should feel. Acknowledging these emotions, whether or not we choose not to act on them, helps us accept ourselves unconditionally. This is benevolent self-love.

We’ll also look for symbols in the events of our dream. Our calm and happiness in the face of a thankful of sharks can show us that our perception of danger in a present-day situation may not be accurate. Our inability to open the door may reveal the need for a different approach where we are obstructed. The encounter with a deceased loved one may show us how to remember to good times in the past and how to savor interactions with others right now. Whatever our messages, we can trust that they are significant and appropriate for us personally.

Next we will identify a challenging issue that we don’t understand or wish to resolve. We’ll ask our sharing within to provide us with a key image to hold in our mind as we drift off to sleep tonight. Perhaps we’ll be shown a magnifying glass; perhaps our image will be that of a key or a recording device.  Again, whatever symbol we’re shown is perfect and helpful for us.

At bedtime, we’ll state aloud our intention to explore the situation and discover healing and balance, with the help of our symbol. We’ll summon happy and calm feelings and be grateful in advance for the peace and insight we will gain. We will drift off to sleep with the image of our symbol held relaxed in our mind. With a little practice, we will find that we can release disturbing emotions or physical symptoms and resolve discord into harmony in the dream world. Some of our most powerful work can be done easily while we’re resting. Isn’t life sweet?

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what do you want to dream into being? Please share…