We own our lives.

We tend to think of life as something that goes on around us. It may seem to be like a stage set, with us as an actor.

In that worldview, we don’t have much personal power. Things happen to us. We try to make the best of what is.

When things don’t go as we wish, in this mindset, we may feel victimized. Why do unpleasant things always seem to happen to us?

However, no one is more in charge of our lives than we are. We make choices; we live with them. We can change our choices if they don’t suit us.

We have the freedom in any situation to decide how we will act and experience. We choose our reactions and our perceptions.

We also affect our life events with our thoughts. Where we put our focus is where our personal energy will flow. We have the power to manifest things in life.

In the worldview of us as co-creators, we get to choose the character we play. We can set the backdrops. We also can write the script.

Today’s message reminds me that I have more power over my life than anyone else. When I operate from this mindset, I can easily find ways to be happy and fulfilled.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you are in charge of your life?