The circle of love

Blessed are those who bless and well wish others. They create a self-perpetuating loop. All love is self love.


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In this world of 7+ billion people, we personally know only a tiny fraction of those currently alive. Most of us dislike or are indifferent to most of the people we know and meet. There are only a select few folks whom we think about with love. We are selective in our caring.

When it comes to animals and inanimate things, our circle of love is even more limited. We care about our pets and our personal possessions. All else seems to be window dressing for our lives.

We may talk about being one with the world, but likely find a feeling of interconnection elusive. We try to care about what goes on around us, while often at the same time we feel unsupported by life. We just can’t seem to plug into a way of being that incorporates love, mystery, beauty, peace, and joy. We feel disconnected.

We feel dissatisfied with people and events, and we dislike ourselves for feeling that way. We find much that is wrong with the world and much that is wrong with ourselves. Separation consciousness colors our existence.

We cannot get out of this trap without acknowledging the sharing—the divine interconnection of all beings and things. When we realize that we and everyone and everything else are divine and perfect exactly as is, we interpret our lives differently. It is easier to take a kindly and loving viewpoint.

When we acknowledge the divine nature of all existence, our lives change. Individuals who might have seemed selfish or annoying now merely seem to be doing the best they can, just as we do. Animals, plants, fish, birds and insects—whether tame or wild—are here to share in the richness of life with us. All the non-living things we interact with are part of the divine web; we are grateful for their presence in our world. Our environment is here to sustain us, and we appreciate its infinite variety and wealth. We treat it with respect. We feel better about the world and in doing so, we feel better about ourselves, too.

Let’s take a few minutes to consciously connect with the divinity inside ourselves—our sharing within—to experience these feelings. We will begin by slowing our breath and allowing it to become steady and even. We also will picture our sharing within as golden light glowing in the center of our chest. As we inhale the light becomes bright and radiant; as we exhale, the light shines out though us and around us, touching our surroundings. We’ll continue the breathing and visualization until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within: a feeling of peace, comfort, and easiness.

We will think of someone who annoyed us yesterday, and ask our sharing within to show them to us as they truly are—divine and perfect. Perhaps a coworker treated us inconsiderately. We’ll shine the golden light of our sharing within on the event and ask to see it differently. We will bless the person and send them love. When we love them, we worship the divine. Perhaps now the individual simply seems rushed and overworked, but doing the best he or she can.

Now, we will think of a living being that we ignored or found pesky yesterday and ask our sharing within for a different perspective. Perhaps we were stung by a bee yesterday. Again we’ll shine golden light on the event and notice how it appears changed. Perhaps we will understand how large and startling we appeared to the bee. Perhaps we also will be shown how the bee supports all existence in its role as a pollinator and creator of life. We will bless the bee and surround it with thoughts of love. In doing so, we honor all creation.

Next, we will think of a landscape we find ugly or unattractive. Perhaps we passed a weed- and trash-filled abandoned lot yesterday. We will shine our golden light on this landscape. We will bless it and wish it well, knowing that as we do so, we help unlock its beauty. Perhaps we will recognize its potential as a community garden. Perhaps we will be motivated to pick up a few pieces of trash, the next time we pass. When we are willing to recognize its inherent richness, others will do so as well. The simple act of loving this landscape can generate positive change.

Lastly, we will take a few moments to notice how we feel. Loving and blessing people, beings, and things in our lives makes us feel good. We can feel divine warmth and caring flowing out from us, and returning to us, too. We feel good about all life and we feel good about ourselves. This is the circle of love.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what has generated unexpected feelings of love within you? Please share…

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  1. I enjoyed this exercise because it changes my place in my preconceived notion of the world. I’ll be doing this a lot more often. Thanks Hal.

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