Tune up your beliefs

Understanding what you want leads to understanding what you need. Understanding what you need leads to understanding what you believe. Understanding how your beliefs create your needs and wants leads to freedom to create what you want.


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We all have plenty of wants. We want material things, we want security, we want healthy and satisfying relationships. If we took just a minute, we all could easily write down a list of things we wish were different in our lives.

Sometimes we may go beyond simply wanting something and may try to understand why we want it. This type of introspection often will lead us to the realization that what we want and what we need can be quite different. We may want total financial security, but may need the lesson in universal trust that financial uncertainty provides. We may want more things, but may need the lesson that true happiness cannot be purchased. We may want a committed partnership, but may need to learn to be happy alone.

A review of our wants and the lessons we need to learn, helps us identify the beliefs which shape our reality. If we believe in the concept of lack, our fear may make us crave financial stability. A similar belief may lead us to try to find fulfillment by buying things. Separation consciousness may lead us to believe that we are limited and flawed and need another to complete us, causing us to choose any relationship, however dysfunctional, over being alone.

Once we understand how our underlying beliefs create our thoughts, and therefore our needs and wants, we are free to choose new beliefs that can make us happier. We can opt to believe that the sharing (the universe) always will provide us with everything we need. We can decide to believe that we and all of creation are divine and perfect exactly as we are. Positive and thankful beliefs will make it easier to create a life we enjoy, by attracting to us more that we appreciate.

We just need to reinforce the new beliefs we want by practicing them daily and watching our thoughts. When we have a thought that isn’t consistent with the new beliefs we’ve chosen, we simply need to replace it with a different thought that supports our new belief system. When we begin to think of something we want but don’t have, we can instead think of something we have and enjoy right now. When we think about feeling lonely, we can remember a recent happy personal interaction and be grateful for it.

This all sounds very simple, but how do we begin? How can we identify the underlying beliefs we have that lead us to be fearful and dissatisfied. We can start by asking for help from our inner divinity, our sharing within.

We begin by letting our breath become deep and even as we focus on the center of our chest. We will visualize golden light in our heart that becomes brighter and more intense as we inhale, and spreads throughout and around us as we exhale. We’ll continue the breathing and light visualization until we sense serenity and certainty within and around us. This is our sign that we’ve made conscious connection with our sharing within.

Now we’ll think of a short list of the three things we most want in our lives. We’ll ponder these three items and ask our sharing within to show us how they translate into needs or lessons we need to learn. (Perhaps we want a new car, when we really need to choose a new direction to progress in life.)

Next we’ll ask our sharing within to show us how these needs translate into our deepest-held beliefs about life. We will ask to understand how our belief system dictates what we need to learn. (Perhaps our need to take a new life direction arises from our belief that we have no control over what happens to us in life.)

Then, we will ask our sharing within to help us identify and choose new beliefs that will make us happier and more fulfilled, right now. We’ll ask to be given a method to use daily to reinforce these new beliefs. (Perhaps we will choose to believe that we generate our life events, and will decide to be as happy as possible in any and all circumstances. We might be given a key thought to repeat often each day: “I choose to enjoy my life right now.”) We also will ask for ongoing clarity, so it is easy to course correct when we have thoughts that are inconsistent with our new beliefs.

Finally, we will thank our sharing within for helping us find a new way of being. We are grateful that we can create a life that is more joyful and satisfying just by changing our beliefs.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what new belief have you chosen to practice? Please share…

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    1. Often belief systems that we may not realize are in effect trip us up. Taking a few minutes to ask our sharing within for clarity can help us learn what beliefs we can tweak, so that we can be happier.

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