Karma is personal

Karma is the expression of the divine order of love. All is allowed to redeem itself and evolve. Nothing is wasted or abandoned. Thus, karma is the gift of universal nurturance.


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We all want to experience a future that is good. We don’t want bad things to happen to us. We want to be rewarded when we’ve done well, and we want to be treated gently when we haven’t.

Many of us believe the divine rewards us when we’re good and gives us more challenging experiences, to teach us better behavior, when we’ve done wrong. In other words, we believe in karma.

We see karma as an impersonal force, unrelated to us, that judges us and delivers our future accordingly. We probably view it as divine balance, which helps us understand our faults and teaches us to be better people. Most of us will see karma as something that happens to us in response to our actions. We think of karma as being outside of ourselves—not part of us.

In the sharing, we all are intrinsically and divinely interconnected. A portion of the divine is encoded within us, as our sharing within. Through the power of serendipity (aka karma), our sharing within uses all the resources of creation to generate our life events, always with the goal of helping us understand our divine interconnection.

When we do something that doesn’t honor our interconnection in the sharing, we are not judged or punished. Our sharing within merely generates the life experiences we need to help us remember our true, divine nature. These events may or may not seem beneficial to us, through our viewpoint of separation consciousness. But they are uniquely tailored to help us expand into connection consciousness. They are a chance for us to learn to live our lives differently, and to find more fun and fulfillment.

Our sharing within wants us to understand and experience divine interconnection (conscious love), which will help us be more joyful and fulfilled. Its role is to help us be happier, by leading us to an understanding of our true, intrinsically divine nature we share will all other beings and things.

How we choose to perceive and live our lives will dictate what events and experiences our sharing within generates for us. In this way, our actions and beliefs indirectly govern what we experience. Determination of what happens in our lives is a joint effort—we and our sharing within both are part of that process.

This is the most intimate relationship—us and our sharing within. All we experience, through our sharing within’s power of serendipity, is personally designed to be most beneficial to us. Everything in our lives is a gift of divine love, to help us learn to be happier by understanding the divine nature of all reality, including ourselves.

If karma/the power of serendipity is a joint process between ourselves and our sharing within, how can we become more aware of it? How can we learn our life lessons more easily?

We will start by establishing conscious connection with our sharing within. We will focus on our heart area and will visualize a sphere of golden light there. We’ll breathe softly and evenly. As we inhale, we’ll see the golden light becomes stronger and brighter; as we exhale we’ll see the golden light circulating through and around us.

We will continue this visualization until we feel calm, surety, and relaxation overtake us. These sensations are our confirmation that we are in conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next, we will think of a recent unwelcome event. We’ll ask our sharing within to give us a new way of viewing what we experienced, one that helps us understand the message and opportunity encoded in the event. We’ll wait calmly for our answer, and will trust that the input we receive is true and helpful.

Perhaps we experienced the loss of a treasured possession, one we saw as essential. Perhaps the loss occurred to help us re-evaluate what is and isn’t important to us. Perhaps, too, the loss caused us to look beyond our usual boundaries and habits and helped us to examine new possibilities, when we were forced to replace the possession.

Whatever our unwelcome event, we will ask our sharing within to help us re-frame our understanding and experience of it. We can be assured that the event occurred to help us expand our consciousness. We also can feel thankful for the gift of the message and opportunity, which are the entire reason for the event.

When we accept that all we experience is for our benefit, everything we encounter can be seen as a gift of love. All experience nurtures us, so we can become more aware of our divinely interconnected nature.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what recent gift has karma presented in your life? Please share…