Review what you’ve done and undone

Look at what you’ve done. Look at what you’ve undone. Both are significant.


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We often judge or value ourselves by our accomplishments. What have we done? What have we made happen? It probably would be easy for us to make a list of all the good things we’ve done in the last year.

Many of the items on our list probably would be tangible. We may have planted new trees, knit a sweater, or graduated from school with a diploma. We have something physical we can touch that signifies our effort.

Doing or making things is gratifying. It allows us to be creative, learn new things, and add value to the world. It is fairly easy to recognize this kind of accomplishment. However, we often don’t take time to appreciate all the things we undo. We probably would feel challenged by the task of making a list of all the things we’ve undone in the last year.

Many times it is much harder and less tangibly rewarding to undo things. If we lose weight or de-clutter our environment, we get rid of the unnecessary in a way we can physically appreciate. Other acts of undoing don’t have a measurable result that may be readily noticeable, to ourselves or to others. If we cease making critical comments, who can measure how many times we don’t criticize? Yet breaking the habit of criticizing ourselves and others can have a significant effect on the quality of our lives.

Often it is these unseen, unheralded inner changes—the changes of undoing—that can have the most profound effects. Dropping habitual thought patterns that keep us locked in separation consciousness is one of the most effective ways to become happier and more fulfilled.

We won’t receive a diploma in positive thinking (although that isn’t a bad idea!) and it is entirely possible that others around us may not even recognize this type of change, at least at first. But we will notice the effects when we realize that as we trust and value ourselves and others more, we feel freer and more joyful.

Let’s take a few minutes, together with our sharing within (inner divinity) to recognize our accomplishments in the last year, whether they’re things we’ve done or undone.

We’ll start by focusing on our heart center and seeing a golden light there. We’ll allow our breathing to become gentle, deep, and even. As we inhale, the golden light in our heart becomes stronger and brighter; as we exhale the light spreads out through and around us.We’ll continue the rhythmic breathing until we feel a sense of peace, relaxation, and steadiness. This is the hallmark of conscious connection with our sharing within.

Together with our sharing within, let’s make a mental list of all the things we’ve done or created in the last year. Perhaps we’ve taken dancing lessons, planted a garden, birthed a baby, started a savings account, or read a couple of books on self improvement. We’ll take time to savor a sense of appreciation for accomplishing each item. We’ll let ourselves recognize how each one has improved our lives in some way, and will say thank you to ourselves and to all of the sharing for the positive changes.

Now we’ll make a mental list of all the things we’ve undone in the last year. Perhaps we’ve quit smoking, cleaned our closets of unneeded items, eliminated irrational fear thoughts, or stopped making negative comments about others. Again, we’ll allow ourselves to appreciate these accomplishments fully. We’ll take a moment to recognize how each change has improved the quality of our lives, and we’ll thank ourselves and the sharing for the positive effects that have resulted.

Next, we’ll ask our sharing within to identify two changes we could make in the coming year that would help us be happier—one change of doing and one change of undoing. We’ll ask our sharing within for ongoing help and support in making these changes, and will ask to be shown the first step we can take toward making each change.

Finally, we’ll thank ourselves and our sharing within for the opportunity to be happier and feel freer. Our lives continuously evolve into beauty!

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, please ponder the most significant change you made in the last year. Was it one of doing or of undoing? Please share…

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