Be successful now: be happy

When you want “to be someone”, you limit your potential, express a concept rather than the divine, and thereby lose yourself.


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We all have ambitions. We all have a vision of who we want to be when we grow up. We have these thoughts whether we’re nine years old or ninety. We want to be someone we see as successful, based on what we believe success looks like.

We may want to be a teacher, we may want to be a wife and/or mother, we may want to be a celebrity, we may want to be a CEO, or we may want to live to be one hundred years old. But we all have a vision of what personal success looks like.

Here’s the hitch: all these visions of success usually don’t reflect who we are now. They likely are an enhanced or even largely altered version of who we are today. They represent someone we are not. These visions imply we cannot be happy being who we are right now.

Further, our picture of success usually is quite specific. We want to be a high school art teacher in a private school that is well-funded. We want to be the mother of both a boy and a girl child, preferably two years apart in age. We want to be a CEO of a natural foods company, earning at least a million dollars a year. We want to be a healthy centenarian. We want to “be someone”, and our vision of that someone usually is quite detailed.

The problem with this typing of visioning lies in the fact that our conceptions usually arise from separation consciousness.This type of thinking leads us to believe we are imperfect and limited beings in an imperfect and unfair world. When our dreams have their birth in separation consciousness, they come with inherent limitations.

It is possible that our most satisfying and successful lifestyle might be different from the one we envision. We might have the potential to be even more wildly successful than we could imagine. When we have a specific and detailed vision of what our success looks like, based on separation consciousness, we limit our ability to co-create with our sharing within (our inner divinity).

The sharing (divine consciousness) wants us to be happy, because when we are happy we contribute our experiences of joy and fulfillment to all of creation. Our sharing within understands our soul’s purpose, and will provide us with opportunities to enrich ourselves and the sharing by fulfilling that purpose.

If we are tunnel-vision focused on our personal view of success, we may fail to recognize some of the clues and opportunities generated by our sharing within. We may miss out on some of the richness created for us by the power of serendipity. We may not express our full divine potential, because we don’t pay attention to things we believe are outside the scope of our dream life path.

When we conjoin our conscious experience of life with our sharing within (our inner divinity), our individual model of success will incorporate both our personal vision as well as divine vision. By integrating divine input through our sharing within, we free ourselves from personal misperceptions and limitations, and allow ourselves to express talents and aspects of ourselves that we otherwise might not have recognized.

Let’s take a moment to check in with our sharing within, to ask for its help in envisioning a successful future. We’ll start by breathing evenly and gently, while visualizing a golden light in the center of our heart. As we inhale, the light grows stronger and brighter, as we exhale the light spreads through and around us and our surroundings. We’ll continue the soft, rhythmic breathing until we experience a sense of calm and certainty. This is our signal that we are in conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next we’ll ask our sharing within to help us feel the emotions associated with divinely-inspired personal success. We’ll allow ourselves to experience the happiness, contentment, and sense of freedom that come from knowing we are successful in fulfilling our life purpose. We’ll take a minute or two to bask in these positive emotions.

Now we’ll ask our sharing within to show us the first step we need to take today toward divinely-inspired personal success. We’ll ask to be shown a specific action to take, and we’ll picture ourselves taking that action while feeling all the positive emotions associated with success. We’ll also ask for divine assistance in recognizing clues and opportunities in everyday life.

Finally, we’ll picture ourselves at several unspecified points in the future, feeling successful, happy, and free. Knowing that we can be happy now, and at any point in the future, helps us to see that we are a success at any and every point in our lives, as long as we are happy and grateful to be alive. To live every day in joy and appreciation is to be truly successful!

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what divinely inspired and unexpected success have you experienced in your life? Please share…