Would you rather be happy now or later?

What is it you most want to do? Try thinking about it differently. Why does the want exist?


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We all have desires. Often they focus on something we want to do, or on how we want our life to be. We may wish we were wealthier. We may wish for recognition. We may wish we were married. We may wish we were single. We may wish for a different career. But usually there is something basic that we want to be different about our lives.

In many cases, we may feel our lives would be perfect, if only the desired wish were true. “If only I had children, I would feel complete.” “I’ll be happy, when I have a different job.” “Once I have a certain amount of money in the bank or in investments, I’ll feel financially secure.” Usually, we feel we could be much happier and more fulfilled, if only that desire were an actuality.

It is fine and healthy to have dreams and goals. They keep us interested in life and  provide a sense of purpose for our existence. However, when we place specific and absolute conditions on our happiness, we turn joy in life into a possible or eventual occurrence, rather than a current way of being.

If we predicate our happiness on a future outcome, we are indirectly stating to ourselves (and to the universe) that our present way of being is imperfect. We judge ourselves and our lives to be lacking. We, and our way of being, just don’t seem to be good enough to make us love our life, as it is right now.

This is where we have gotten confused by separation consciousness. Because we believe ourselves to be limited and imperfect, we project that imperfection onto all of life around us. If we are not good enough, the rest of the world isn’t either.

To get out of this limited mindset, we need to acknowledge that we have divinity encoded within us, and therefore are in essence perfect and beautiful. Once we have owned our own essential divinity, we will find it easier to recognize the divine in everything and every being in our lives.

If everything we encounter is a dance with the divine, how can our existence be less than joyful? This probably sounds very far removed from the way we usually experience our day-to-day lives. We will need the assistance of our sharing within to help us remember our intrinsic connection in the sharing. The conjoined consciousness of our every-day minds together with the sharing within can elevate our way of thinking into connection consciousness.

We can begin by sitting quietly and visualizing golden light emanating from our heart center with every breath. When we feel a sense of deep relaxation and certainty overtake us, we know we’ve connected with our sharing within.

Now we can review our lives and identify what conditions we’ve placed on our eventual happiness. What is it that we feel we must have, before we can be happy and fulfilled? Perhaps we feel we want to have more money. Now we can ask ourselves what the money represents to us. Does money equal success in our minds? If so, are we ever likely to feel that we’re successful and have enough? Doesn’t our desire for more money really equate to a sense that we are not enough?

Next we can ask our sharing within to help us see our essential divinity. We can ask that we be shown something that happened today that reveals our perfect nature. Perhaps we somehow offered assistance to someone in need. The sharing, through us, provided for itself. That makes us an agent of divine benevolence.

If the sharing, in divine wisdom, sees us perfect and beautiful, who are we to judge differently? If the sharing lovingly takes care of the needs of others (sometimes with our help), it will do the same for us, too. We can be happy now, knowing that we are always safe and cared for. We can enjoy the sense of wonder and beauty that arises from being part of a loving and nurturing whole. We don’t need some future occurrence or attainment to make us complete. We already are, by virtue of our divine interconnection in the sharing.

We can take a few deep breaths, sensing that interconnection, and decide to be happy. We can be grateful for the many basic things currently going right in our lives. We can enjoy ourselves in the present moment. This will make it easier to recognize the beauty in ourselves and in our lives, and will help us feel happier and more fulfilled right now.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what conditions have you placed on your happiness, and how have you learned to let them go? Please share…