Give yourself wings

Angels can be likened to raindrops. They are the precipitate of God source. As raindrops fall to the earth and then find their way to rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans, only to rise up and fall again, we are all angels in the making/unmaking.


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We’re often hard on ourselves. We believe we are limited and focus on our shortcomings. We believe we need other more advanced beings to guide and assist us. We may pray to a supreme being. We may have spirit guides or angels whom we call on for help and protection. But usually, we don’t think we’re complete or good enough on our own.

The dimensional structure of our universe is a playground in which the divine can experience itself through its many and diverse creations. Simultaneously, many different expressions of the divine are coming into existence up and down through the dimensions. Depending on the dimension in which we exist, we may experience life with more or less innate sense of our divine interconnection.

But whether we’re a light being, an angel, a human being, or a pebble, we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be, and we’re all equally divine. In the sharing, everything and everyone is divine in nature. We all have divinity encoded in us as our sharing within. Our sharing within is placed inside us as our built-in spiritual navigator and direct connection to the divine.

Just as children need to grow up and become independent of their parents, to mature spiritually, we need to recognize our own divine connection and learn to rely less on the spiritual wisdom of others and more on our own inner guidance—the sharing within. This is what it means to become a fully realized human being, and this is how we can  best fulfill our divine purpose: by learning to honor and communicate with the divine inside ourselves.

We begin this inner communion by sitting quietly and letting our breathing become slow, deep, and even. We place our fingertips in the center of our heart area, where our sharing within resides, to remind ourselves where we wish to focus. We picture golden light filling this area and becoming brighter and more tangible with each breath.

As we inhale the golden light fills our heart area, as we exhale the golden light emanates from our heart and fills our body and the space around us. We continue this visualization until we feel a sense of calm and surety overtake us. This is our sign that we’re in conscious connection with our sharing within.

Our everyday consciousness is now augmented by divine awareness. From this enhanced place of perception, we can review situations, get additional information, and make decisions. This is how the divine speaks directly to us—through our connection to the sharing within. This is how we give ourselves wings.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how have you learned to expand your vision of yourself? Please share…

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