Speak from your heart

Once or twice in a lifetime, people experience true clarity. It usually happens when they least expect it.


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Sometimes when we least expect it, unplanned words come out of our mouths, words that surprise us, yet that somehow feel exactly right in our heart. These are not the words that pop out in anger, leaving us wondering “Where did that come from, and how do I take it back?” These are the quiet, determined words that signal a fundamental shift, which often is surprising to all concerned, including us. These are the words that reveal our core truth.

Where do these words come from and how does this phenomenon happen? To understand, we need to explore the concept of the sharing within.

The sharing, or the one consciousness, is the basis for all existence. Individuated expressions of this divine consciousness reside in every single being and thing, as the sharing within. The sharing within is our direct hotline to the divine, and it is our best, most benevolent form of guidance. It is interwoven into us and knows us intimately. It charts the events of our lives, using the resources of the entire sharing, to help us learn to live in conscious interconnection in the sharing. It is located in our heart region, as a fourth-dimensional, crystalline awareness.

If the sharing within is right inside of us, how come we aren’t more aware of it? Why don’t we communicate with it more frequently?

The answer is found in the concept called separation consciousness. In third-dimensional existence, we are acutely aware of the difference between ourselves and others. We see ourselves as flawed and separate from other beings and things. We don’t recognize the divine nature of ourselves and others. This leads us to see others as different, untrustworthy, and perhaps even dangerous. We are afraid of life.

In the third dimension, it is our spiritual path to learn to experience life in a way that acknowledges our interconnection with all beings and things. Fostering a conscious relationship with our sharing within is the easiest way for us to begin this process. When we conjoin our awareness with divine awareness (as represented by the sharing within), we view and experience life differently, in a way that reveals our core truth—we are divine beings living in a divine world, interacting with other divine beings.

This all sounds wonderful, but how do we make it happen in our everyday lives? How can we dump the fear, learn to see others through loving eyes, and find more joy in our lives? How can we learn to express ourselves and interact with others in a way that honors our divine interconnection?

We start by fostering conscious connection with the sharing within, which we can visualize as a golden light in the center of our chest. We can sit quietly, breathe gently and evenly, and see the golden light intensify as we inhale, and suffuse us and our surroundings as we exhale. We’ll know that we’ve achieved conscious connection with the sharing within when we feel a sense of peace and certainty.

When we can identify this state of conjoined awareness, we can practice it, first in easy situations, and then in more difficult ones. We’ll find it particularly helpful to make connection and ask for assistance in choosing the right words before challenging communications. The more we practice connection with the sharing within, the more it becomes easy and natural to us.

When we unthinkingly say the calm words that make everything clear, the sharing within has spoken for us, revealing the essential truth of a situation. It is a gift of divine clarity, one that shows us how to move forward in life in a way that will honor all existence, including us.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, have you experienced a moment of divine clarity? Please share…