Write to set yourself right

Writing something is akin to living it, if you allow yourself to go into the spaces between the words.


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Sometimes when we encounter a difficult situation, we become immune or anesthetized to the emotional impact of the situation. Yet somewhere, underneath our day-to-day existence, unpleasant emotions simmer and lie unresolved. They may crop up unexpectedly, often in unwelcome ways.

We may find ourselves behaving in seemingly irrational ways or having emotional outbursts. Perhaps we’re as puzzled as others by why we are behaving or feeling out of character. We know something is making us (and likely those around us) unhappy, and we may not be able to identify exactly what is wrong or out of balance. We’re uncomfortable, but don’t know how to get back to being centered and balanced.

Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard can help us identify what we’ve buried inside ourselves and free it safely. Yes, that’s right—-Hilarion is asking us to journal.

We’ll ask our inner divinity (our sharing within) to help guide and inspire us in this exercise, and bring clarity to the process. Then, we can begin by asking ourselves a few basic questions, and putting the answers down in writing.

  • What is the behavior or emotion in us that seems uncomfortable or out of character? We’ll describe what occurred and our feelings around the situation.
  • What was the apparent trigger for the situation or feelings? Was there a starting point for the issue, and if so, what was it?
  • Are there any similarities to situations in the past? If yes, what were the situations and what were the emotions relating those past occurrences?

Now we’ll sit back and read aloud what we’ve written. We’ll take our time and read slowly, pausing to let ourselves feel any and all uncomfortable emotions that arise. These emotions are signposts to indicate we’re experiencing in separation consciousness. In the spaces or pauses between the words, we’ll understand how our thoughts about what occurred in the past (and the unpleasant emotions arising from those thoughts) lead us to recreate similar scenarios, allowing us to experience the same emotions repeatedly. We’ll learn that unless we’re willing to change our thoughts, we’ll loop through the same types of situations and emotions over and over again.

Now we’ll take a few deep breaths and acknowledge that all of the sharing is here to help us find an easier and happier way to be. We’ll ask ourselves a few questions again and note down our answers, too.

  • How would we prefer to feel? Happy, fulfilled, appreciated, loved, secure? We’ll describe a situation in the past that brought out those feelings.
  • What was the apparent trigger for the situation or emotions? Was there a starting point for the goodness, and if so, what was it?
  • How has something similar (however small) occurred in the last day or two? We’ll relive, in writing, the positive emotions we experienced as a result.

Again we’ll sit back and read aloud what we’ve written, going slowly and savoring the good feelings that arise. We’ll use the spaces and pauses between the words to feel grateful for the happy occurrences. The positive emotions we feel are the harbingers of connection consciousness. When we reinforce these feelings through gratitude for what we’ve experienced, we encourage the sharing to help us experience more things that make us happy.

The key is to use gratitude and positive emotions to attract good things in our lives. Writing and pondering can kick start this pattern for us.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how do you get lost in thought patterns of separation consciousness, and how have you using writing to liberate yourself to experience in joy? Please share…



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    1. Thank you, Joe! All of these messages from Hilarion also are directed to me. He knows I prefer to process mentally rather than in writing. However, I did the recommended exercise and found an old belief pattern that’s been recreating itself. I believe enlisting the help of my sharing within (and therefore also Hilarion) helped me go a bit deeper. I’m grateful for the opportunity to operate from a new and chosen thought platform.

  1. The website looks fantastic. You can tell you took a lot of time and effort to put it together.

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