Expect less, get more

Lowering expectations lowers boundaries.


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How often do we wish and pray for something: the perfect mate or lover, the very best job, a safe new vehicle, the perfect place to live. Unfortunately, we usually feel we need to specify to the universe (the sharing) exactly what we want. My new house needs to be single-story, low-maintenance, three-bedroom, open-concept, with hardwood floors, close to a body of water, in a good neighborhood, on a wooded lot, and priced under market value.

It is certainly fine to ask for things from the sharing. It wants to provide for us and it wants us to be happy. However, when we get overly specific in our expectations, we limit what the sharing can offer us. We circumscribe the power of serendipity’s creative potential to provide for us in astounding and beautiful ways. Perhaps there is a wonderful four-bedroom home just waiting for us to be willing to accept it. If we’re overly focused on three bedrooms, we won’t be open to the possibility of four.

When we have rigidly defined expectations, we fail to trust the sharing’s ability to provide for us generously. Because we believe we are limited, separate, and unworthy, we think the universe’s ability and willingness to provide for us is limited, too. We fear, in our separation, we won’t get what we need. We feel we need to flesh out the details of what we want to receive, when we should receive it, and precisely how it should come to us.

If we are willing to trust we will receive exactly what we need, when we need it most, we allow the sharing creative leeway. If we provide the merely the outline of our dream, we allow the power of serendipity to fill in the details. It then can provide us with wonderful things, using all of its infinite generative potential.

When we understand everything is interconnected and divine, we know we and all of creation are limitless. We have confidence life will provide for our needs and wants in unique and amazing fashion. We’re prepared to accept the bounty of beneficial coincidence. When we take down the boundaries of separation consciousness and acknowledge our divine interconnection, we open ourselves to receive more.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how do you hamper the universe’s creative ability through your expectations, and how do you lower your boundaries to be willing to receive more? Please share…

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  1. Love the concept of not getting too specific in expectations… trust in the creative forces that be

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