You are not limited

Recognize your boundaries, loosen them, restore them. Practice as needed. It will anchor your sense of what you are not.


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We all have thoughts about who or what we are: I’m a parent, I’m an employee, I’m short, I’m overweight, I’m good at math, I like football. These ideas define us, but they also limit us.They create boundaries that fence in our potential.

If I see myself as short, I likely judge myself as inadequately tall. If I identify my self as a good at math (and therefore logical), it may support a belief that I’m not creative. Our ideas of what we are reinforce our belief that we are separate from all creation (the sharing).They emphasize that we’re limited.

Through our innate connection to everthing and everyone else, we have unlimited potential. We can be both good at math and creative. We can like football and ballet. We have the inborn ability to be whatever we want and whatever any situation requires. This potential unlocks when we acknowledge our own divine nature, through our interconnection in the sharing.

Try making a statement to yourself you may not believe is true: I learn foreign languages easily and naturally. Maybe in the past this hasn’t seemed to be true. But the more you are willing to believe this statement, the more it will become true. If you want to learn to speak Hindi, you are connected at the most basic level with every Hindi-speaker that is or ever was—-you share the commonality of being humans on planet Earth who want to express themselves in Hindi. Believe in your divine interconnection in the sharing, and you tap into your Hindi-speaking capabilities more readily.

Toss your conceptions of what you are to the wind, and you open up to boundless possibilities. What you are not is limited and separate. What you are is whole, complete, infinite and interconnected.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how do you repress yourself by defining yourself, and how do you liberate yourself to be limitless? Please share…