Pitch your lacks

Become clear on what you want, and then let it go consciously.


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Sometimes awareness surfaces that something is missing in our lives. We may know what we want and don’t have, or we may feel an emptiness but not know what is needed to fill it. Either way, it seems life should offer us something more.

The lack may be tangible and physical, or it may be emotional or spiritual. No matter what it is, the first step toward freedom from lack is to get clear about what we feel is missing. A good way to start is by connecting with our sharing within, our inner divinity.The perceptual boost offered by conjoining our consciousness with our sliver of self-contained divinity will help us understand the situation more fully.

We begin by focusing on our heart area and picturing golden light emanating there, until we sense calm, surety and clarity. These sensations are the hallmark of joint perception with our sharing within.

Now, we will identify any and all emotions we’re holding around the sense of lack. Are we feeling, angry, sad, disillusioned, scared, ashamed, etc? We’ll do an emotional check-in and make a mental list of all the different ways we feel about the lack. We’ll give ourselves a minute or two to feel all these emotions fully.

Next, we’ll ask ourselves what we feel we need in order to not have these feelings. What would make these emotions no longer pertain? This is what we feel is lacking. Perhaps it is money, love, appreciation, excitement, career fulfillment, or companionship. Perhaps it’s something else entirely. It doesn’t matter what it is for each of us; we each feel we’re missing something.

Now, we’ll request our sharing within to help us understand these emotions arise from separation consciousness. They occur because we perceive our life from the viewpoint that we are separate from everyone and everything else. Our sense of lack occurs because we feel life is withholding something from us.

Again we’ll ask for assistance from our sharing within, this time to help us sense our intrinsic connection to everything and everyone in existence. We’ll focus on the golden light in our heart area and let it spread out in waves from us, connecting us to all that is. When we recognize we are inseparable from the rest of creation, nothing is truly outside of us and nothing can be withheld from us.

We’ll take a few deep breaths and ask our sharing within to help us release the sense of lack (and the related emotions), replacing it with certainty that the sharing will provide us with everything we need, exactly when we need it. We’ll picture ourselves releasing the lack as if we were pitching a baseball. After all, we can’t win a baseball game if we’re not willing to pitch.

Finally, we’ll state aloud “The sharing now is able to grant me [name the lack here], since I have been willing to let go of my sense of need and lack. I know that I will receive exactly what I need at the perfect time. Thank you!” Gratitude and certainty that the sharing provides generously will help us feel whole, right now.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what have you felt was missing in your life, and how have found it by letting it go? Please share…

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