Fear is the illusion

Fear is the illusion that you are in control. Fear is the illusion that you are not in control. Fear is the illusion of the concept of control.


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The illusionary concept of control is born out of fear. When we believe we are separate from everthing and everyone else (separation consciousness), the world is a dangerous and unpredictable place. In this mindset, we feel we are at risk of being hurt, of not having enough, of not being loved, of not being good enough. We don’t feel safe.

In our fear, we mistakenly believe that we can achieve safety by attempting to control people, things and events. We want to arrange our lives in a way that we think will be beneficial, secure, and predictable for us.

We also fear that there are things, events, and individuals we cannot control. This really makes us really uncomfortable, because we don’t know how to handle that concept. How can we possibly be safe when things are happening to us that we have absolutely no control over?

Unless we are willing to jettison separation consciousness, in favor of connection consciousness, we won’t find a way out of this quandary. When we understand that all beings and things are divinely interconnected, we can view things differently. When we see ourselves as part of a divinely synchronized whole, all the events and interactions in our lives are a dance with the divine. As such, they can ultimately only be beautiful and beneficial.

When we are willing to give up the idea that we can control our lives, we trust that all our life interactions are only for our benefit, whether or not we can perceive that benefit immediately. Every second of our life has purpose and meaning, whether or not we can decipher it. But we trust that this understanding will come to us. We are grateful for the richness, beauty, and mystery of life.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does fear keep you trapped in illusionary control thoughts, and how do you liberate yourself? Please share…


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  1. Fantastic job here. I seriously enjoyed what you had to say. Keep heading because you absolutely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Properly, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see much more of this from you.

    1. Thanks Bayern. I appreciate the kind words. These messages are available to you weekly via email. Sign up link is on the Sharing Hilarion page of this site. The channeled book from Hilarion is coming out a little later this year. Watch the website for date it is up-for-sale. The concepts are expanded on in depth in the book, along with short meditations and exercises to help shift our thought patterns. Keep reading and commenting; when we share, we help each other out. Thanks:) Anne

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