Where’s your focus?

Focus on what you love.


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This sounds amazingly obvious and simple. Yet how often do we spend time thinking about the people and things that make our hearts sing? Most of us probably spend far more time thinking about what we don’t like and want, than we do thinking about what we do want and enjoy.

The universe (aka the sharing) does pay attention to what we think. We order up what we experience, in the restaurant of life, through our beliefs and thoughts. When we focus on what we don’t like (separation consciousness), the power of serendipity (the ability of our inner divine connection to co-create our experience), honors that focus. It offers us more of the same, in the hope that repeated unpleasant experiences will spur us toward recognition of our divine interconnection (connection consciousness). Spiritual growth often arises out of difficulty.

When we’re grateful for something, we share feelings of love and enjoyment with the entire sharing. We key into connection consciousness, and we fulfill our purpose as humans—-to help the sharing experience the beauty and magnificence of itself. We’re getting it “right”, and the power of serendipity encourages us by offering us more similar experiences. Gratitude gets us more of what we love and enjoy. The sharing will honor loving and grateful thoughts by giving us more of what makes up happy.

When we learn to recognize this, we can become conscious co-creators of our lives. We focus on what we love and what makes us happy, and we expect to experience more of the same. This is the sane choice: to focus on what we love.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how often do think about what you don’t want, and how do you liberate yourself to focus on what you enjoy? Please share…

2 Replies to “Where’s your focus?”

  1. For me, being present in nature, with my breathing, with people, with my body sensations and mindfully moving my body are some of the ways. Moving my body and dancing for pleasure helps me clear negativity and experience what is present. Smiling, laughing, Reiki, heart centered focus and massage lift my vibration to liberate me as well.

    Thank You Anne and Hilarion for all of your love, sharing, and inspiration!! Excellent writing and transforming energy for consciousness!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Katia. The ability of movement to shift our focus is profound. Enjoying whatever the moment presents is a superb way of honoring the divinity of all existence. Bless you for your excellent suggestions. Anne

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