Resistance is futile

When you resist something, it creates a barrier against which you can expend yourself. You make no progress, and you lose your momentum and energy. Nothing changes, including you. Flow with something, and all your options remain open, including you.


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How often do we find ourselves wanting to move forward, only to find that we have blocked ourselves? Probably more than any of us would like to admit. The biggest obstacle to achieving our goals often is our own resistance. That resistance is born of fear, which arises in separation consciousness.

We believe that we are separate from the rest of creation, and therefore are limited. We fear that we won’t be smart enough, strong enough, creative enough, [fill in the blank] enough to be able to handle a challenging situation, or to achieve our dreams. We forget that we are an intrinsic part of a divine whole, and that all of creation (aka the sharing) wants to help us prosper and grow.

When we relax our resistance through trust in divine interconnection, we unlock the ability of the entire universe to help us thrive. We become open to the power of serendipity, which then can gift us with amazing coincidences and miracles. We can have fun with our journey, and sightsee along the way. Life becomes freer and joyous, full of rich and wonderful experiences.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how do you experience resistance, and how have you freed yourself to flow and prosper? Please share…