Release the need to be busy.

We’re raised with the concept that we need to work hard to succeed and be happy. Achieving goals, accomplishing chores, having our efforts recognized and rewarded—this is what we’re taught will make a good life for us.

The pattern of achievement is reinforced by dopamine in our brains. When we feel a pleasant sense of accomplishment, it is fueled by a release of dopamine.

But busyness isn’t always good for our bodies, minds, and souls. We need time to digest life, to effortlessly enjoy the present moment, to renew our bodies, simply to be.

Only we can break our addiction to busyness. We may grind because we think we’re supposed to. Or because we believe it will help us get what we want. Or even to escape dealing with uncomfortable emotions.

Whatever our reasons, it’s quite simple to shift this behavior. We just need to do less and be and appreciate more.

Today’s message invites me to accomplish less. When I allow myself time each day to decompress and simply exist, I’ll find I’m happier and more relaxed throughout the day. And I’ll be more productive in the time I devote to doing things.

Please reflect and share. How often are you chronically busy?