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Anne L. Smith is a Reiki master teacher, an animal communicator, and an intuitive consultant who has been channeling Hilarion for over fourteen years. With a varied background in the service industry, finance, and software/information technology, Smith has been trained by Hilarion to ground her spiritual insights into the everyday business world. She is the owner of Starlight Consulting LLC. She has four feline companions who aided in the production of The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human. She currently lives with her partner in Wisconsin, where they raised a family together.

Kitten wow!

The power of serendipity has gifted me with a kitten! Early one Wednesday morning in June, I had a dream in which I was sitting outside at a garden center. In the dream, I heard a faint mewling and I made a calling noise. A small Siamese kitten in a red leash and harness jumped on my chest, head butted me, thwapped my face with its paw and said (in English), “You thought I was afraid, but I wasn’t. I fooled you.”

I woke from the dream and puzzled over what it might be saying to me. The dream felt significant, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant to tell me. My confusion didn’t last long. The following day, I went to the website for Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, as I often do, to wish all the cats a loving, good home. Imagine my astonishment when the very first picture on the adoptable cats page was that of the Siamese kitten from my dream!

Just three short days later, on Father’s Day, we were bringing a little female Tortie point Siamese kitten home to live with us. The integration with my other three adult male cats has been pretty smooth, certainly better than I would have expected. Angelica is fearless and enthusiastic about everything. She has a lot to teach me!