Who’s counting?

I began this blog on April 4, 2020. I haven’t missed a day. Somewhere along the way I must have mistyped the number on the blog heading and persisted with the error. Today’s heading should actually reflect day 977.

At first it bothered me when I realized this. How could I have made such a mistake? And then it hit me. The number really doesn’t matter. The continuity and content of the blog does,

So much of life is like this. We quantify and measure beings and things and place limits, labels, and definitions on them. But this categorizing really doesn’t capture their essential nature. They remain exactly as they are despite our attempts to pigeonhole them.

When we accept things and folks as they are, we’re can more easily understand and empathize with them. We’re not busy trying to make them into what we think they should be.

Today’s message reminds me to stop counting. Life is quite good as it is and so are you and I.

Please reflect and share. Do you tend to keep score?