Create your own goodness

Some days are tougher than others. Sometimes we need to deal with uncomfortable or difficult issues.

When we do, it can seem like we’re immersed in painful things. Life feels very hard.

In these times, if asked, we could probably state a few things that are generally enjoyable for us. Perhaps they might include a hug from a loved one, a funny movie, a favorite meal, a walk in the woods, or playing board games or cards.

Whatever activities feel good, we need to carve out space in difficult times to include them. A span of goodness and happiness can help counterbalance the struggle. It can remind us that life can be good.

Today’s message advises me that when I’m struggling, I can create my own goodness. A break from the focus on difficulty may also help me view it with fresh perspective.

Something in my life, however small, is always going right. When I make sure to include something good in my daily activities, this is easier to understand.

Please reflect and share. What is your never-fail cheer-up activity?