Believe the best about yourself.

Most of us pay attention to others’ opinions, particularly when the opinion regards us. We do so because we may be afraid to seem insensitive or may feel the need for others’ acceptance and approval.

While disregarding what others think about us may seem harsh, it is often healthy. The only opinion about us that really matters is the one we hold.

Unfortunately, our self-judgment is often harsh. A negative self-assessment can make us feel useless, unworthy, or flat out not good enough. These feelings influence the events of our lives, often attracting circumstances to perpetuate a negative sense of self.

While this negativity may have started with interactions with others earlier in life, we are the ones who persist it in our heads right now. It’s up to us to change our self-narrative.

It can be quite helpful to be our own cheerleaders. When we pay attention to the things we get right and celebrate them—and there are often many in any ordinary day—rather than our mistakes, which are likely less, we create a more positive energy inside and around of ourselves.

This positivity colors our experiences and interactions and attracts more happy occurrences to us. It also empowers us to continue to do and be well.

Today’s message reminds me to make much of my small daily wins. When I recognize all the good inside of me and that I create, my life feels happier and more abundant.

Please reflect and share. Do you hold a good opinion of yourself?