Pertinent to you.

We’re inundated with digital facts and experiences. We receive curated news feeds and newsletters, full of articles that are chosen, in theory, to be of interest to us. We scroll through our social media feeds, consuming clickbait.

As so many of us likely are, I’ve been aware of just how much time I spend looking at and reading about things other folks believe I might find interesting. I may even be tempted into buying something I really don’t need because it is intriguing.

I’ve been chagrined to realize how much time I spend on things that aren’t really interesting or applicable to me. I’ve pared down my news feeds, blocking news sources that aren’t don’t deliver content I find relevant.

I’ve been trying to budget my device time more, paying attention to reading articles and consuming facts that actually affect me. I’m finding I have more free time to engage in activities that actually fulfill me rather than ones that are merely compulsive.

Today’s message reminds me that I have one life on Earth in this body. It makes sense for me to spend what time I have on things that matter and are pertinent to me.

Please reflect and share. Do you have standards around how you spend your time?