Optimism is free and effective.

Some days it’s hard to feel positive. We hear and read more than enough bad news. It can seem like things are getting worse daily.

When we compound this with normal everyday upsets or larger life setbacks, the overall effect can feel demoralizing. Why can’t things be better and easier?

Attitude plays a key role in perception. And perception shapes reality. Each of us lives in our own individual reality, based on what we think, feel, and believe and therefore perceive.

When we’re optimistic, our personal load lightens. We’re not carrying the weight of any difficulties we encounter coupled with the heaviness of pessimism.

Being positive frees us to simply deal with things unburdened by negative expectations. This makes it easier for us to enjoy life and succeed.

Today’s message invites me to serve myself an extra side helping of optimism. It’s free and tasty. Whatever main course in life I’m dished up, optimism makes the meal sweeter.

Please reflect and share. Do you find optimism helpful?