Optimism frees us.

All of us want to be free. If asked, when we talk about what might prevent us from feeling free, we’d probably cite factors outside ourselves. Finances, responsibilities, jobs, health, others’ expectations, societal pressures or prejudices might all appear on our list of things that hamper our freedom.

While it is true that these influences can limit our possibilities, it’s likely that none influence us as much as our own thoughts and beliefs. If we believe we’re in some way circumscribed, it’s likely that our life is impacted.

Here is where positivity can help us. When we believe and think that we can do and be well, that we can achieve our dreams, that we can feel free, it’s far more likely that we will do so.

Optimism also is feel-good. All along our life path, if we’re positive and hopeful, we’ll enjoy life more regardless of our circumstances.

Today’s message reminds me that optimism is free and feel-good. When I’m positive about my life, I have more fun and feel freer, too.

Please reflect and share. How does optimism affect you?