It will come to you.

Years back, a friend asked me to help corral her dog who was running loose in my neighborhood. The dog was certainly much faster than I was and had long legs built for running.

She shared a valuable tip with me. “Call the dog’s name and then run in the direction of my home. The dog will want to chase you. If you chase the dog, they will just run further away.”

I tried her suggestion, and it worked perfectly. We were able to get her dog home safely within the hour.

This tip may also apply to things we want out of life. If we chase them too hard, they may continue to elude us. When we chase, we’re overly focused and possibly even a bit aggressive. Neither are a welcoming energy for the dream result we want to attract.

When we call out happily and gently to what we want and then invite it to play with us, it is more likely to find us easily. Our efforts are likely to be more fun, too.

Today’s message invites me to be more playful with my goals. When I’m having fun with the idea of interacting with my dream, it will want to join me in reality.

Please reflect and share. How might you be more playful with one of your goals?