Don’t overthink it.

When something really matters, we want to get it right. We may weigh options, solicit advice, and research, trying to find relevant facts to guide us in our choice.

This is a reasonable and appropriate process for larger-impact decisions. However, the habit can stick, with us applying it to even smaller issues.

A balanced approach in all cases is to meld rational and conscious mind input with intuitive and subconscious mind input. We’re meshing head and heart to fuel a decision-making process that involves all the best parts of ourselves.

Particularly to scenarios of lesser importance, we can spin our wheels if we overthink our options. Sometimes we need to just trust our inner wisdom and simply go with what feels right.

Certainly, in very time sensitive situations in which a quick decision is needed, being willing to rely on our inner intuition will serve us well. Being in closer connection with the quantum field, our subconscious mind will have access to input not available to our conscious mind. Our inner wisdom takes into account the imponderables.

Today’s message invites me to be more comfortable just going with what feels right. In releasing some of my need to analyze, I broaden the scope of data I can bring to my decision.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable trusting your gut and heart?