Forgive our failures.

From time to time, we all mess up. We make a bad decision. We behave poorly. Or we may fail to take an important action timely.

The results usually aren’t what we or others would wish them to be. Generally, there are regrets all around.

Once we’ve recognized our mistake and assumed personal responsibility—and that’s an important first step—we’ll want to stop any self-recrimination and move on to the practical.

Understanding why we erred is necessary. Otherwise, we may continue to repeat the same mistake over and over again.

Making a game plan for how to handle a similar situation differently will help us pivot away from the undesired behavior to something more functional and useful.

Apologizing to anyone affected and offering to make amends is also vital. We demonstrate, in this way, that we will try to make our mistake good and won’t let it happen again.

Today’s message reminds me that moving away from the negativity of a mistake helps free my energy to more positive future outcomes. When I forgive myself, I give myself the best chance to do better going forward.

Please reflect and share. What current mistake of yours might merit your forgiveness?