Reinforce from the inside.

We’ve all had things fail on us. Dresser drawers that came apart, rickety bookcases, relationships that couldn’t withstand life’s troubles, projects that died out midstream.

Once something has begun to fail, it may certainly be repairable. But it may need both stabilization and reinforcement. The repair may be quite noticeable and less than aesthetic.

Likely the failure occurred because we weren’t paying attention or didn’t take the time to fix the issue when we first noticed it. Once something has broken down, it is usually harder to repair to original function.

It’s often more effective to maintain rather than repair. And that maintenance usually occurs on the inside. We may check drawers for function, note the stability of the bookcase when we dust it (hopefully we dust it!), assess our relationships and ask those involved how they think things are going, or revisit ongoing projects somewhat regularly to make sure they still have traction.

Sometimes the inner maintenance is energetic rather than physical. Are we holding a consistent and positive vision of what we want? Are we avoiding negative thoughts and images? Do we celebrate and share with others life’s minor wins along the way? Are we essentially grateful?

Today’s message reminds me that strength and endurance starts inside. When I regularly exercise my core spiritual strength, I’m more balance in life and can achieve more of what I want.

Please reflect and share. How do you maintain and reinforce your inner strength?