Listen and learn.

We often are focused on self-expression. We want to be heard and hopefully understood and maybe even appreciated.

Offering up our opinions seems to be a national pastime. Particularly if someone else has a differing opinion, we may feel the need to set them straight.

Sometimes it is important to speak our minds and state our needs. But often, when we express it is under the guise of sharing our wisdom. (Hence, this blog. Visualize a face palm emoji here, please.)

It is equally important, if not more important, to listen. When we opine, we are merely expressing what we believe we already know or feel. When we listen, we may receive new information or alternative viewpoints. Listening offers us the opportunity to learn.

Today’s message indicates that listening is a skill I could develop more fully. When I’m willing to hear others, my mind is open rather than my mouth.

Please reflect and share. What have you learned recently by listening?