Find comfort in love.

Sometimes losses hit us hard. We lose a loved one, our health, a job, or substantial assets.

This is exquisitely painful, even more so perhaps if the loss is unexpected. We thought things were fine and suddenly they aren’t.

We cannot turn back the clock. No matter how hard we might wish to, we can’t have things back exactly the way they were. Life has changed and we are changed with it.

All we can do is to remember the love associated with the loss. If we kindle that love and keep it fresh, applying it in new situations as we are able to move forward, we dignify the loss.

We find the best in what was and use it to build something good—different but also good. That love is the enduring thread that keeps the object of our loss alive in our hearts.

Today’s message reminds me that loss is a sign of transformation. When I feel ready to focus on the love involved in my loss, I allow the alchemy to begin.

Please reflect and share. What recent loss is troubling you?