Where do you wander?

We all daydream. And our minds all wander when we’re bored or stressed.

We may fantasize. Or we may worry. Or we may drift, a series of unbidden and unexpected images and scenarios.

When our imaginings are positive and aspirational, they may help us manifest our wishes and desires. If we’re envisioning dire outcomes or pitfalls, they may help us manifest our fears, too.

When we dream awake, we will want to pay attention to the content. It will offer us clues and helpful information. Or it may help us process through ongoing events in our lives.

However our minds wander, this mental perambulation can be a useful tool. We can visualize to manifest. Worrying can pinpoint our fears, so we can course correct. And day dreaming can assist us to understand ourselves better.

Today’s message invites me to actively wander mentally, to process through ongoing challenges. My mind can be trained to assist me as it roams.

Please reflect and share. What do you day dream about?